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Quick starts

See blog.
Here is a list of topics covering quick start solutions.

Create your own Worm-enabled solution

1. Create a class library project

2. Add a reference to worm.dll. You can get the latest stable version from Releases

3. Generate xml object definitions using XmlSchemaGen utility (see Releases). For example,

XmlSchemaGen.exe -O=test.xml -S=.\sqlexress -E -D=test.
See test xml file.

4. Generate classes using OrmCodeGen unitily (see Releases). For example,

OrmCodeGen.exe -f=test.xml -l=vb -o="my classes"
See test VB.NET file

5. Add generated classes into the project

That's all. Now you can write your own specific code implementing business logic without thinking about the database, object persistence and other stuff.

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